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T20 World Cup 2024 – Pooran goes on rampage as Omarzai concedes 36 in an over

After a series of low-scoring games in New York, St Lucia’s third game witnessed West Indies putting on 92 for 1 in their first six overs, the highest powerplay score in men’s T20 World Cups, against Afghanistan. That included Azmatullah Omarzai conceding 36 runs in his second over – the fourth of the innings – with Nicholas Pooran going berserk. It was the joint-biggest in terms of with most runs in an over, after Yuvraj Singh’s six consecutive sixes against Stuart Broad in the 2007 T20 World Cup. Here is how the over from Omarzai to Pooran unfolded on Monday:

3.1: Azmatullah to Pooran, SIX runs
Goes the distance. Off the outside edge. Length ball outside off from around the stumps, Pooran goes hard and looks to heave it across the line. But gets a thick outside edge that carries well over third. The six was into the breeze, says Roller

3.2: Azmatullah to Pooran, (no ball) FOUR runs
Pooran in his elements early. Length ball angling in at 130.3kph, he stays back, swivels and pulls it all along the ground through midwicket. What’s worse, Azmat has overstepped

3.2: Azmatullah to Pooran, 5 wide
It goes from bad to worse for Afghanistan. He goes for the bouncer but it is too short. Passes well over Pooran as well as the keeper’s head

Free hit remains

3.2: Azmatullah to Pooran, no run
The perfect yorker! But it counts for little. Omarzai nails the yorker on middle and leg, Pooran swings and misses

3.3: Azmatullah to Pooran, 4 leg byes
Full length ball on leg, Pooran swings and misses. But the ball deflects off his pads and runs away to the fine leg fence

3.4: Azmatullah to Pooran, FOUR runs
Length ball angling across Pooran, 122.4kph, he slices hard at that. Gets a thickish outside edge towards the vacant deep backward point region. Once again into the wind. It is the shorter boundary too

3.5: Azmatullah to Pooran, SIX runs
Fetch that! Full and in the slot on middle and leg. Pooran clears his front leg and thwacks it well over deep midwicket. 89m hit, thanks to the breeze

3.6: Azmatullah to Pooran, SIX runs
Pooran power punishing Afghanistan in Gros Islet! Omarzai bowls the slower one, 119.9kph, on a length around off. Pooran just belts it over the non-striker for a maximum. The boundary there is 77m, not the shortest one but it cleared it easily

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