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These are the 2024 CNBC Changemakers: Women transforming business

Women in leadership are reaching a level of success that is not only exceptional but highlights novel approaches to old business problems and identification of new market opportunities.

The women named to the inaugural CNBC Changemakers list are creating a pattern of what it takes to defy the odds, innovate and thrive in a volatile business landscape. From startup founders to S&P 500 C-suite growth drivers, from personalities shaking up the media industry to figures taking women’s sports further into the mainstream, the 2024 Changemakers have broken new ground and set the stage for others to follow.

Make no mistake: There is still a distinct need for more coverage of innovative women leaders, and more support from the capital markets. Women leaders are still rare — they’re less than 10% of S&P 500 CEOs, while women founders draw about 2% of venture capital dollars. 

By focusing on women who left an indelible mark on the economy and business world in 2023, CNBC Changemakers recognizes the accomplishments of names in the news and many who have flown under the radar.

These are the 2024 CNBC Changemakers

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