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For a second year, CNBC and independent research firm Statista are working together to identify the world’s top fintech companies, to be named in a published CNBC report this July.

Nominations are now open for the top global fintech companies list. To qualify, a company must focus primarily on developing or providing innovative, technology-based and finance-related products and services.

You can check out last year’s list of the top 200 fintech companies, which includes the likes of Chinese tech giants Ant Group and Tencent, U.S. fintech firms PayPal and Stripe, and European companies like Klarna and Revolut.

In addition to the fintech list, CNBC is also launching a separate list showing the top insurance technology (insurtech) companies globally, planned to be published in August. The decision to introduce a list of the top global insurtech companies comes off the back of huge innovation in the insurance industry, which was forecast to be worth nearly $6.5 trillion in 2023, according to Statista.

Insurance has proven a market ripe for digital disruption, as a wave of new digital-native companies have done away with the paper-based processes that previously dominated the industry.

How to apply

Companies can submit their information for consideration by clicking here.

Applicants will be taken through to a short form hosted by Statista, which asks a series of questions about their business model and certain key performance indicators, including revenue growth.

For the first time, companies will also be asked to identify which three businesses they consider to be their main competitors. This will be used to inform CNBC’s coverage of the top companies globally.

The deadline for submissions is April 24, 2024, at 06:59 ET.

Within the application form, companies will be asked to select which market segment they operate in, out of a selection of categories.

For the fintech list, companies will receive recognition for their success with respect to the following sector categories: payments, neobanking, digital assets, alternate finance, wealth technology, financial planning, digital banking solutions, and digital business solutions.

In the insurtech list, companies will be similarly asked to assign themselves the market category that best fits their business model. These categories will be split into value chain innovations, such as underwriting and risk analysis and claim and fraud management and new business models, like digital insurance brokers and comparison sites, and insurers that cater to on-demand and gig economy platforms.

These categories may be subject to change, pending market feedback.

For further information about the fintech project, please click here. Further details about the insurtech project, can be found here.

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