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IND vs ENG, England in India 2023/24, 3rd Test at Rajkot, February 15 – 19, 2024

3.5 to YBK Jaiswal, Wood hits a hard length, gets good bounce and gets Jaiswal to nick it to slip! That’s a case of making things happen. Wood’s first Test wicket since Labuschagne at The Oval in July, says Matt. Shortish length, angling away towards fourth stump. Jaiswal took a small forward press and couldn’t cope with the bit of extra bounce. Tried defending it towards mid-off, the ball took the edge and Root completed a good low grab. 22/1

5.4 to Shubman Gill, Wood nicks off Gill, he has two in the first half hour. He wheels away in sheer delight. Rohit looks up in disappointment at the other end, Gill walks back. Gorgeous three-quarter length ball on fourth. The last ball decked back in. This one went straight but Gill was a bit more cautious, tried defending relatively closer to the pad with a straight bat but could only feather the seam-up ball to Foakes. Wood bowling from wide of the crease. Ball tracking shows a little later that the previous ball seamed in 0.8 degrees and this one went away 0.6 degrees.. 24/2

63.3 to RG Sharma, Wood does squeeze water out of stone and he is pumped, what a guy! Rohit finally falls for the short-ball plan, his magnificent 131 comes to an end, he’s miffed and signals he wanted to get that squarer. You know where the ball landed, it’s that same short length which has bashed by Wood throughout this burst. 138ks. Rohit was waiting in the crease, he was standing diagonally and wanted to lump it across the line. He swung himself out of shape and got a top edge. There were three people waiting halfway back at midwicket, Stokes gobbled it. 237/4

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