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China’s Bytedance says Zhang Nan resigns as Douyin Group’s CEO

On Wednesday, Bytedance, the owner of TikTok, announced the resignation of Zhang Nan from the position of CEO of Douyin Group, the sister app of the popular short video platform in China.

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TikTok owner Bytedance said on Wednesday that Zhang Nan has resigned as the CEO of Douyin Group, the popular short video platform’s sister app in China.

Zhang posted on her personal social media account on WeChat that she was resigning from the position, in a move confirmed by ByteDance.

Zhang said that she would be joining the team of Jianying, a video editing app owned by ByteDance, but she did not reveal her position at the unit. She said she would help grow the product in the age of artificial intelligence.

Zhang, who has worked at ByteDance for 10 years, has been a core leader for the company and helped grow Douyin into the leading short video platform and one of biggest apps in China.

She reported to ByteDance’s CEO Liang Rubo in her position as head of Douyin Group.

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