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Asia Cup 2023 – Covers off in Colombo; play to start at 3 PM local time if no further rains

The weather in Colombo has changed between being sunny and overcast on the morning of the reserve day for the India-Pakistan Super Fours Asia Cup clash.

The forecast for the afternoon, however, has improved slightly, with most suggesting only a 50%-60% chance of rain. Some forecasts say there is a higher chance of rain in the evening than in the afternoon. The good news for fans is that the covers are off, and the sun is out, albeit amongst a backdrop of clouds. The umpires haven’t inspected the ground yet.

India only batted for 24.1 overs on Sunday, and will resume their innings at 3pm local time if there is no further rain, with the aim being to play a full 50-over match.

If, as some forecasts suggest, rain only arrives in the evening and washes any further play out, there could arise a situation in which more than 50 overs have been played, but Pakistan will not have batted the 20 overs that is the minimum requirement for a completed ODI.

India are 147 for 2 overnight, with Virat Kohli and KL Rahul at the crease.

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