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Why you should reframe entrepreneurship, according to this media CEO

“Anyone could be an entrepreneur,” and you don’t need your own business to be one. That’s according to Dan Clays, the chief executive of Omnicom media group in the U.K.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

According to Dan Clays, the chief executive of Omnicom media group in the U.K., you probably should.

“There are so many TV shows today that make it feel like you have to be that startup founder to be an entrepreneur,” Dan Clays told CNBC’s My Biggest Lessons.

But he believes┬áthat “you don’t have to have your own company to be entrepreneurial.”

“Being entrepreneurial is simply about creating value and ideas and difference in an organization in ways that other people haven’t thought about yet,” he added.

It’s a skill that Clays thinks anyone can work on, and at any age.

“When I was at school, I used to cycle off to our local print shop, gained some of the off cuts, take them to school, sell them for a margin,” he explained. “And that just introduced me to the idea about how you can start to create value in ways that other people haven’t thought about. That’s how you can create edge.”

He also believes that being entrepreneurial doesn’t have to mean totally reinventing things.

“It could be about simply finding a new way of developing a reporting process or redesigning the office,” he explained. “Anyone could be an entrepreneur, it’s about having the proactive ideas to do that and inclination to do that, and you can be the difference.”

This is just one of Dan Clays’ biggest lessons. Watch the video above for more.

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